21 days

21 days - that is how much a person needs to develop a habit. This program is suitable for those who want to change their lifestyle and continue to work on themselves further.

From 2 450 €


Benefits of losing weight

We all know when we need to lose weight and what improves if we do. However, we hope that we may say it to you in deferent way that makes you think. Maybe something will spark at the right moment that leads you down a path to finally achieving your weight loss goals. Your will improve Overall Health, Reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, Increase longevity, Improve endurance and stamina. You can change your Lifestyle, Improve the quality of your life, Improve Intimate relationship, Fewer embarrassing moments in public, Improve self-esteem, No longer worry about fitting into tight places, No longer avoiding situations that as a heavier person make you uncomfortable, You may become the inspiration for someone else to lose weight. You can change your Shape and Look, Become more attractive, Dressing well and having confidence in your appearance, Rejuvenate your style and have a new look! You can reach improvements at Work and try to have more Fun, Seek employment in a position you weren’t comfortable in before, Take up hobbies you didn’t dare try as an overweight. You can Enjoy physical activities with your friends, Improve self-confidence, Increased motivation to tackle bigger and better things. Be fit, be well, be happy.

  • 21 day
  • Full accommodation at five stars hotel
  • Transfer from airport and back
  • Measuring and consultation with the doctor
  • Healthy food

    3 times a day + 2 fruits snacks

  • Personal training every day 1-2 hours

    Gym session, aerobic class, aqua gym or dance lesson, you can use all fitness facilities

  • Spa Treatment

    9 relax full body massage
    9 loofa scrub
    9 visit of sauna or steam room (15 min)

  • Boat Trip


Get feedback from our customers about our program

Henneke Muetstege Holland
The Wellbeing Program will help change your lifestyle and no longer return to junk food and habits

I have followed the program already 3 times. The combination from sport, food and the location makes it unique. And than I almost forget the fantastic massages. My favorite part is the morning walk over the resort, enjoy the nature and the see in a nice temperature. Oke sometimes you are not really happy with the food, and not because it is not tasty, it is very tasty and fresh prepared. But I am a meat and pasta lover and a not lover of vegetables. But it is so worth, after following the program I feel very fit and this stays also for a while when I am back home. Than you realize that it is good to do. I always loose weight and also a lot of fat. The professional treatment from the team Remon an Marshka makes you feel special. Also the personal trainers and the masseurs are real professionals. (this year Mustafa and Dakrouny) The location is fantastic and I love to snorkel when I have the free hours. I went twice alone and once with a friend. You feel very save on this resort Although I am not a sportlover ( I really do not like sport) I can highly recommend this program, you really feel so much better.

Geertje, Netherlands Holland
Will be back again

In the past four years I stayed 3 times for two weeks in hotel Royal Braka Beach resort in Marsa Alam ( Egypt). I followed the programma which can be arranged in the spa center. Remon is the manager of the Spa and he is also the person who guided me trough the program. With Masha as my personal trainer it was very succesfull. The assistence of both was very good, If you are really motivated to change your way of life and eat healthy, this program is fine to do. You have to do a sportive activity 3 times a day and you eat only healthy food. Each time I lost five kilo’s and it was also a start of a new way of life. The hotelaccomodation, pools, beach, room and food are of a very good quality. And the fitnessroom has all the equipment you need. The massages were fantastic and usefull cause I never had any mussclepain.

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